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aws-consulting-partner-badgeA Cloud Guru is partnering with Trek10 to bring our hands-on masterclass serverless workshops directly to your teams.

The immersive and innovative full-day workshops are taught by practitioners who eat, breathe, and sleep serverless technology all day.

Each workshop is designed to help your teams understand the benefits of serverless using common architecture patterns. By the end of the full-day workshop you'll leave with the skills and knowledge to build your own serverless application.


Serverless Workshops For Teams

Register Your Team for an On-Site Serverless Workshop


Workshop #1: Build A Serverless Video Sharing Website

Learn how to build your very own video sharing website, like YouTube, using serverless technologies. During the workshop you will build an entire end-to-end system (along with an HTML5 website) that's powered by AWS Lambda and API Gateway, S3, Elastic Transcoder, Firebase, Auth0, and much more.


Workshop #2: Build A Chatbot With Serverless Framework

Everybody likes chat bots so why not build your very own!? In this workshop you will design and a build a serverless chatbot using AWS Lambda and the Serverless Framework.

You’ll get to integrate your bot with Slack and learn a bunch of cool serverless tips and tricks. At the end we might even add a few more AWS services to make your bot super intelligent. Step-by-step guidance and example code will be provided throughout the workshop so it is suitable for beginners and experts.


Workshop #3: Event Driven Security In AWS With Lambda

Serverless security might be one of the hottest topics of 2018. Public cloud and serverless architectures throw up challenges to traditional security approaches.

Spend a full day exploring the many ways that serverless components can enhance AWS cloud security for both serverless and ‘traditional’ cloud workloads. This workshop bridges ‘traditional’ and serverless cloud on AWS, and is a must for anyone targeting secure production systems with Amazon’s technologies.