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Budgeting for Cloud Computing Salaries in 2019

By Ryan Kroonenburg  |  December 04, 2018  |   Career   |  

The competition for cloud practitioners is fierce. According to LinkedIn, cloud and distributed computing is the most in-demand skill for employers in 2018.

As companies pursue digital transformation, IT leaders are experiencing an increase in cloud-based projects and a lack of technology workers with the right skill set to meet the demand. More than half of IT departments in North America are understaffed. Forty-three percent of technology leaders are willing to increase the salary or compensation package when they hire for certain positions.

Landing cloud talent in today’s hiring market requires employers to move quickly and make strong offers. We’ve compiled a list of the most in-demand cloud computing roles, certifications, skills and what you can expect to pay for them in 2019.

Most In-Demand (and Highest Paid) Cloud Computing Roles of 2019

Enterprise IT Architect

Sixty-one percent of CIOs surveyed in the Harvey Nash and KPMG IT Leadership Survey say technology projects are more complex than they were five years ago. Organizations reported significant demand for enterprise architects, who can deliver digital strategies and link business objectives and processes to their IT strategy.

In 2017, Enterprise IT Architects with cloud computing expertise were earning a median salary of $137, 957 according to Payscale. To date, according to Glassdoor, Enterprise IT Architects are on average earning $161, 272.

Senior Solutions Architects are also in high demand with a current average salary of $140, 268. In that same camp, Senior Systems Engineers with computing, networking and IT expertise are commanding a median salary of $105,326, highlighting to value of certifications as they are essential to the role.

DevOps Engineer

The dominance of cloud services from AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud -- along with developing technologies, such as Kubernetes and the serverless model -- puts DevOps engineers with cloud expertise and advanced certifications in high demand. Organizations need engineers who have mastered operating containerized workloads in complex ways and are willing to pay for their expertise. DevOps engineers are averaging $143,707 in base pay. Because DevOps is so critical to cloud development projects and delivering new products and features, many organizations offer bonuses or salary increases to engineers who earn certifications and advance their cloud skills through continued education.

Cloud Security Engineer or Analyst

Security in the cloud is a top priority for organizations. While CSPs monitor and maintain security of the cloud, their customers are responsible for security of their data in the cloud. This requires a cloud security expert who is knowledgeable about potential vulnerabilities of virtual machines and container deployment systems. An individual with their Cloud Security Certification (CCSP) can earn upwards of $90,000 with the potential to earn bonus and incentive pay.

Computer Vision Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, Apps Developer and Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst are other roles that are predicted to be among the most in-demand IT jobs by 2020. These positions will no doubt require cloud computing expertise.

Most Highly-Valued Cloud Certifications

According to CIO, the most valuable cloud computing certifications today are:

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect
  • Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge
  • Certified OpenStack Administrator (COA)
  • Certified System Administrator in Red Hat OpenStack
  • Cisco CCNA-Cloud
  • Cloud Certified Professional
  • Cloud Credential Council
  • Cloud Genius
  • Cloud Institute Certifications
  • CloudU
  • CompTIA Cloud Essentials
  • Exin Cloud Computing Foundation
  • Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect
  • IBM Certified Cloud Solution Architect v2
  • Microsoft Cloud Certifications
  • Red Hat Certified Architect: Cloud
  • Salesforce Certifications
  • VMware Certified Professional

A certificate in Amazon’s AWS cloud technology can boost your salary up to 26 percent. The average salary for certified IT professionals is on average 11.7 percent higher than those without.

Most In-Demand Cloud Skills for 2019

The multi-cloud approach is gaining popularity. Seventy percent of organizations are currently taking this approach, which means IT teams will need to know how to use services for multiple CSPs, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. Earning certifications for more than one platform will increase IT professionals’ marketability and allow them to command a higher salary. Many companies are also looking to staff with IT professionals who can help them incorporate big data, AI, and machine learning into enterprise applications. Recruiters will be chasing IT professionals with these skills, as they are in high demand and currently difficult to find.

The demand for talent with experience delivering, troubleshooting, securing and managing cloud services has increased significantly year over year. IT professionals with cloud expertise and certifications are able to command higher pay, and top candidates typically field multiple offers. Because innovation and development happens so much faster in the cloud, it’s worth it to hire or train the talent you need to become a cloud fluent organization in 2019 and beyond.


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