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Certs for Good - Thank You for Paying it Forward

By Matt McDougall  |  July 09, 2020  |   News   |  

There's never been a better time to learn cloud. Adoption has been on the rise for several years, with organization after organization finding value in focusing on their core business and being able to innovate and scale at speed, rather than being tied to extensive, cumbersome data center operations. The global disruption unleashed by COVID-19 has only accelerated the trend, as organizations seek to support distributed and remote everything, from work and learning to shopping, telemedicine, entertainment, and even grocery shopping.

Even as other sectors face shifting economic sands, cloud skills remain in high demand, and cloud jobs continue to pay handsomely, with average salaries north of $100,000. Cloud certifications validate a certain level of cloud knowledge and skill to employers, potential employers, and peers, and can be just the thing to help someone reskill into a new role or get their foot in the door to a completely new career.

Back in May, we opened up our COVID-19 Assistance Program to provide 1,000 recipients with free access to the entire A Cloud Guru learning platform for the next year. At the same time, we kicked off a Pay It Forward program, giving our cloud learners the chance to empower others just by earning certs for themselves. For every cloud certification A Cloud Guru and Linux Academy users earned between May and June 2020, we’d help them pay it forward, and award an annual subscription in their name to a COVID-19 Assistance Program applicant.

By the end of June, we’d received hundreds of Pay It Forward applications from around the world.

On behalf of everyone here at A Cloud Guru and all of our COVID-19 Assistance Program applicants, thank you! Paying your cert forward could be just the thing that helps someone through this uncertain time, or that leads them to a new career and a brighter future.

We’re currently in the process of reviewing and approving all of the applications we’ve received over the past several weeks and will be reaching out to the approved applications soon. If you’re one of our cloud learners who participated in Pay It Forward, a free year of A Cloud Guru will be distributed in your name to a COVID-19 Assistance Program recipient in the very near future.

Thank you again for your participation, and keep being awesome!

Pay It Forward Contributors:

The following people earned certifications and paid them forward to benefit other learners. Several earned and paid forward more than one.

John Kayode Abusi

Pradeep Adimoolam

Satyendra Adusumilli

Furqan Ahmad

Olumide Ajiboye

Yomi Ajose

Ossi Ala-Peijari

James Alcock

Laurie Andreola

De'Aries Andrews

Ali Asfour

Diego  Azevedo

Keith Baker

Nitin Bansal

Guido Barbaglia

Alexandre Barreto

Faisal Basra

Don Becker

Stewart Beel

Bradley Bendekovic

Robert Benninger

Taruj Bhattacharya

Robert Blyth

Brian Boche

Will Boland

Adam Borowski

Mateusz Boś

Oliver Braithwaite

Jacob Branch

Joel Levi Brooks

Karen Burkhart

Victor Cardona

Gustavo Michael Carrion Lopez

Alexandre Cezar

Debajyoti Chanda

Edwin Johnson Chettacattu

Ching Kwee Chung

Christopher Abiodun Coker

Monica Colangelo

Thibault Cordier

Alexis Cotton

John Cragun

Kelly Crowther

Kellie Crowthers

Laszlo Czirok

Lucien Da Silva

Craig Dalrymple

Jose De La Rosa

Tom Dennison

Fábio Dias

Sascha Dittmann

Chris Drewery

Oliver Edwards

Alfredo España

Praveen Ette

Augusta Fagbohun

Sam Fakhreddine

Hamdi Fourati

Joseph E Freeman

Kojo Frempong

Nathan French

Thomas Fruin

Chris S Gaines

Vedabalaji Goriparthi

Jason Granger

Gordon Grant

Tiffany Gray

James Griffith

Jonah Grimes

Nitin Grover

Jatin Gupta

Abraham Albert Gutierrez

Michael Hare

Omi Harjani

Daiyu Hayashi

Jose Haynes

Luke Heron

Mark Hindson

Chris Hogben

Mohammad Hossain

Michael Howard

Immo Huneke

Sam Hunt

Georgi Ivanov

Amogh Jagadale

Wiktor Jankowski

Youssef El Jaoujat

Manuel Jiménez

Khoo Bing Jin

Marquan Jones

Parth Kapoor

Yeshwanth Reddy Karnatakam

Kiril Katrandzhiyski

Erica Kennedy

Bing Jin Khoo

Peter Kim

Mark King

Mallory Knapp

Shivakumar Konda

Alin Kovacs

Raj Krishnasamy

Stefan Krist

Sameer Kumar Meher

Ben Lascurain

Daniel Le

Tricia Leavitt

Christopher Lee

Luisa Fernanda Lee

Rene Leistikow

Seth Lewis

Sam Lewis

Vitali Litvinenka

David Lladro

Sam Lu

Joshua Macha

Brian Madden

Jake Malmad

John Marchetti

Ivan Marinov

Matt Martz

Joel Mataway

Sermil Matoto

Rob McGuine

Troy Mettie

Satyajit Mohanty

Vong Monard

Sheri Moore

Patrick Moraitis

Noah Moss

Agustin  Nasillo

Graham Newberry

Misha Novini

Forest Oden

Zite Olisemeka

Paul Oliver

Okey Onyia

Tuvshin Otgonpurev

Anastasios Papazoglou

Saiyam Pathak

Michael Peters

Ryan Peterson

Bharathy Poovalingam

JC Pretorius

Ivan Prlić

Anurag Pulla

Yan Qin

Phuong Quach

Luisa Fernanda Quiroga Saavedra

Michel Radermecker

David  Richards

Devin Ronge

Stefani Ruzic

Gaurav Sadhwani

Harvinder Samra

Juan Sebastian

Sudip Sen

Firoz Basha Shaik

Fatima Shakra

Thomas Sheils

Ankita Singh

Rune Skretting

Chris Slayden

Brian Smith

Scott Smith

Krzysztof Songowicz

Kevin Sonnhalter

Ryan Sponsel

Rob Steel

Samantha Stratton

Matt Swanton

Mohammad Samshul Tahir

Vijay Talasila

Sinisa Tanasic

Marcello Testi

Mark Thomas

Rayette Toles-Abdullah

Chinonyerem Udensi

Jose Vazquez

Sharad Vidyapathy

Vijith Vijayan

Paul Villena

Stefan Visscher

Philip D Vo

Chris Von Rabenau

Ankit Vyas

Dushyant Vyas

John Wakahiu

Oren Waldman

Kate Welling

William Westwood

Christopher Williams

Scott Wilson

Muhammad Yawar

Zicheng Yin

Aneela Yousef

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