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AWS Partner Story: Accenture

By Drew Firment  |  September 21, 2018  |   Enterprise Partner Story   |  

"For Accenture, having the skills needed to support delivery of our AWS services at scale is key," said Chris Wegmann, Managing Director of the Accenture AWS Business Group. "We also needed to build a learning program with effective, self-directed training that would work within the constraints of our engineers' busy work schedules."

The Challenge: Scalable, Flexible Training to Enhance AWS Services Delivery

"A self-directed program that focused on AWS certifications across the organization was the answer," said Wegmann. "We have more AWS certifications overall than any other AWS Systems Integrator partner, as well as the most Professional-level certifications. And we plan to maintain this momentum."

The Process: Self-Directed Learning at Scale

  • On-Demand, Hands-on Training
  • The next level: AWS Professional-level certification bootcamps.

The Result: Demonstrable Expertise in AWS Technologies

Beating their initial projection, Accenture expects to have 3,000 AWS certifications across the organization by the end of November 2018. 


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