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Recession proof jobs: Cloud tops list of best careers for economic downturn

By Ryan Kroonenburg  |  October 01, 2019  |   Career   |  

Adulting is hard for plenty of reasons. But news of an impending recession tops the list of grown-up struggles (beating out flossing, budgeting, and restaurants’ absurd “no adults in the ball pit, please sir” policies). It can all make you long for the days of Saturday morning cartoons and fiber-free cereal. But don't retreat to your race car bed just yet! People with cloud skills may be the best suited for weathering any upcoming economic uncertainties.

Yahoo Finance reports cloud computing is one of the most recession-proof industries today. Cloud is “an incredibly lucrative pillar of the modern economy and has the intense focus of the tech giants of the world,” said Sudarshan Sampath, director of research at PayScale, a provider of salary and benefits data.

PayScale points to cloud adoption in new industries and flexibility for business as reasons cloud skills can help make employees indispensable – come economic boom or bust.

While other sectors may sink with an economic slouch, cloud may even see increased investment. In tight times, businesses could ramp up cloud investments to cut costs, crank up scalability, and run more efficiently. Doing that means enlisting the help of the practitioners who wield cloud’s awesome powers.

Cloud skills remain among the most sought after professional skill sets, with cloud pros demanding six-figure salaries and being met with insatiable demand from employers. Year over year, LinkedIn reports cloud as the most sought-after hard skill, with many other cloud-adjacent skills like artificial intelligence and game development rounding out the list. 

No matter which way the economic winds blow, getting certified and learning to cloud (or learning to cloud better) is a great way to prepare for an uncertain future, increasing your salary and job security.

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