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The Cube with Sam Kroonenburg | A Cloud Guru

By Lis Vinueza  |  October 30, 2017  |   Interviews   |  

What companies spend years building using traditional server based architectures, Sam built in less than 30 days, making A Cloud Guru the world's first serverless startup. 


“The biggest challenge we had was that I didn’t have enough time to build our school…. So I used serverless technologies, which helped me do my work faster. This was in 2015, so we were definitely a bit ahead of our time. A Cloud Guru would not exist if it wasn’t for serverless.” - Sam Kroonenburg


Sam Kroonenburg

Founder of ACG

Sam_Landscape.jpgSam has extensive experience leading large software teams and architecting robust systems that scale. Sam has worked for Microsoft in the Core File Systems team of Windows, where he developed the Disk Defragmenter for Windows Vista SP1 and Windows 7. He also worked for Microsoft in Oslo, Norway where he developed query processing technology for FAST Search.


Start Serverless For Beginners: Learn the fundamentals of serverless computing by creating your own fully serverless video-sharing website.

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Learn how to build a completely serverless website. Whether you're a 'noob in the clouds' or a cloud expert, this course will guide you through the concepts of serverless before diving into a series of hands on labs. Based on our most popular hands-on workshop.



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