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Why Cloud Certs, Why Now? The Business Value of Cloud Certifications

By Matt McDougall  |  March 24, 2020  |   Corporate Enterprise Cloud Migration   |  

Whenever cloud certifications come up, their value is almost always discussed in relation to individuals. Business benefits take a back seat, if they come up at all.

If you’re trying to take your business to the cloud, or make hard decisions about how (and how much) to invest in training your people, this information gap can be rather frustrating. We hear it every day when we’re talking with IT leaders who are struggling with where to start or how to sell cloud training internally. 

Ultimately, cloud adoption is a people challenge. Training your people to meet that challenge should be a no-brainer, but thanks to vague and lacking data, it can often feel like a leap of faith.

In our new ebook, Why Cloud Certs, Why Now?, we set out to change that by seeking answers to the questions leaders are asking most often:

What value do cloud certifications bring to a business? Do they bring any value at all? Why should you invest in training your people? How much will it cost? Is the investment worth it? How can you measure the success of a training program?

And we found some pretty interesting stuff:

  • 93% of IT decision makers agree — certified employees provide added value above and beyond the cost of certification
  • Certified employees complete projects faster, are quicker to troubleshoot issues, and smooth out deployments.
  • Comprehensively trained businesses are more profitable, productive, and faster to get their products to market.

Did you know that AWS and Azure are both offering online-proctored exams for all of their certifications? Getting your people certified just got a lot more convenient. Get the full scoop.

In Why Cloud Certs, Why Now?, we explore:

  • The many ways cloud certifications — and the training that attains them — create value for businesses
  • The cost of cloud training — and the costs of the alternatives
  • How to go beyond certification counts and gauge the success of your training initiatives by measuring business outcomes




Get the goods!

Download Why Cloud Certs, Why Now? to discover the many ways cloud certifications create value for your business.

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