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AWS Partner Story: Verizon

By Drew Firment  |  April 30, 2018  |   Partner Story   |  

“We knew the backbone of this journey would be dependent on how “cloud fluent” our engineers were,” said Verizon VP SVP & CTO Mahmoud El Assir. “We wanted to build a learning program that would not only grow the cloud capabilities of our engineers, but would also create a cultural shift within our entire IT organization to be primed and ready to continuously build the future.”

The Challenge: Talent Transformation to Support Cloud Adoption

Two years into its migration process, Verizon set the ambitious goal of having 1,000 IT employees certified with AWS, its public cloud partner.

The Process: Becoming a Cloud-Fluent Enterprise:

  • Encouraging and Creating Opportunities to Experiment.
  • Setting goals and Encouraging Collaboration and Competition Between Teams.
  • Empowering Employees with Coaching and Teaching Roles.

The Result: Enterprise Cloud Adoption and Cultural Transformation

Verizon exceeded its goal and had over 1,300 IT employees receive their AWS Certified Solutions Architect-Associate certifications in just 7 months. To achieve certification, employees were required to take courses, study, and pass a challenging four-hour exam. Learn more about partnering with ACG to get your team cloud certified. 


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