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#1 in Cloud Certification Training

We’re known in the industry for having the top AWS certification courses. We move as fast as innovation in the cloud to make sure your teams are learning the latest in cloud technologies.

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate 2019
  • AWS Certified Developer - Associate 2019
  • AWS Certified Practitioner
  • Certified SysOps Admin - Associate 2019
  • Certified Solutions Architect - Professional 2019
  • Certified Big Data - Specialty 2019
  • Certified Advanced Networking - Specialty 2019
  • AWS Certified Security - Specialty 2019
  • AWS Certified CloudFormation
  • Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional 2019
  • Introduction to Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft Azure Architect & Technologies>
  • Microsoft Architect Design
  • Wardley Mapping
  • Starting Your Business Transformation
  • Running Agile at Scale
  • Moving Fast with Defined Constraints


(and a little offbeat)

Our short video lessons aren't the same old cloud training — we're fast, on-target, and engineers like our style.

When students enjoy the material, they stay engaged and retain what they've learned — maximizing your ROI.

Trusted by 850,000 Engineers

  • "Encouraging the use of services like A Cloud Guru can also provide engineers with a process that enables them to pass the certification in their own time and at their own pace."

    Jonathan Allen, EMEA Enterprise Strategy at AWS"

  • "Acloud guru is a great online education platform to start learning AWS Cloud technology, to get a proper training before the journey to a valuable AWS Certificate and to stay up to date with the latest AWS news & announcements"

    - Aleksandar Nenov, AWS Community Hero

  • "A Cloud Guru has worked tirelessly through their content, conferences and partnerships with experts to be the best place to learn about new technologies, services and trends. If you want to learn about Cloud or Serverless technology fast, this is the place to learn it!"

    - Florian Motlik, AWS/Serverless Consultant

    ACG Accelerator Program

    Keep your teams on-track to AWS Certification with our proven, guided course of study. Learn how Verizon engineers earned 1,300 certifications in 7 months using the ACG Accelerator Program.

    Case Study: Verizon >

    We'll Show Them
    What to Do

    Students receive a weekly syllabus with lessons to Watch, Do, and Read.

    The Proof is in the Data

    Your Management Dashboard gives you:

    • Real-time progress reporting
    • Course completion statistics
    • AWS certification tracking


    A Culture of Success

    Your engineers complete our program as members of the elite tribe of AWS-certified professionals, ready to take your stack to the next level.

    Success fuels success: your team of certified engineers will attract those who want to work with the best.

    Stay on Top. Stay Relevant. Deliver Results.

    Beyond the Accelerator Program's core curriculum, Teams can:

    Case Studies


    Accenture teamed with ACG to obtain 3,000 AWS certifications across the organization.

    Read the Case Study

    Verizon engineers earn 1,300 certifications in 7 months using the ACG Accelerator Program.

    Read the Case Study
    University of Notre Dame

    ACG Accelerator inspires Cloud Computing curriculum at ND's Mendoza College of Business.

    Read the Case Study

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    Per User Billed Annually as $492 USD
    Full Access to our Multicloud Library

    Behavioral Metrics & Reporting

    Universal Admin Portal

    ACG Accelerator Program

    Consolidated Billing

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    ACG is an AWS Advanced Tier Consulting Partner, AWS Public Sector Partner, AWS Education Competency Partner, is led by three AWS Community Heroes, and is now available on the AWS marketplace.

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    Cloud Educators

    Our Cloud Educators are recognized as leaders in the AWS and Microsoft communities.

    Ryan Kroonenberg

    Ryan Kroonenburg

    AWS Community Hero & Alexa Champion

    Drew Firment

    Drew Firment

    AWS Community Hero & Alexa Champion

    Peter Sbarski

    Peter Sbarski

    AWS Serverless Hero

    Lars Klint

    Lars Klint

    Microsoft MVP

    Michael Wittig

    Michael Wittig

    AWS Community Hero