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of tech is female

With only 5% of tech being black or latino, and many of these roles being tech management. Inequality exists at all levels of the job pipeline, but so do solutions.

We love this interactive graph: Diversity in Key Tech Companies 


think their employer is doing enough

"What this data is telling me is that we’ve successfully raised awareness, but not necessarily deepened understanding"

- Aubrey Blanche
Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Atlassian


The #1 way to to help is to educate

Affordable education can provide opportunities for those underrepresented in tech, and provide skills to help navigate the barriers to career entry and growth.

We love this article on Women Who Cloud

My story is proof that anyone can become a cloud guru. I know first-hand what it is like to try to make ends meet. After losing my job during the recession, I worked hard to reskill so that I could break into the tech industry. This certain sense of being the underdog has stuck with me. I’ve always related to those that were different, and those that worked hard for their success. These experiences shaped the foundation for the type of company I wanted to create.

With A Cloud Guru, our goal is to make quality education available to everyone, regardless of their background. We want to build something new and unique. New in what we are offering, and unique in how we deliver. There are no longer a finite number of seats in a lecture hall. Now, all you need is a computer to connect into one of the best schools from anywhere in the world.

It is extremely important to me to provide quality education for the price of a movie ticket. Prior to our launch, the only training available cost thousands of dollars or pounds. The more affordable we make A Cloud Guru, the more people we can help along the way.

Since founding the company, we now provide training to: remote African villages through the Quirky 30 non-profit, poverty stricken communities in Latin and South America through the AWS User Groups, refugees in the United Kingdom, and to hundreds of women through our partnership with Women Who Code.

We're lucky to have the opportunity to make a difference, and we are inspired to help those hardworking students reach their professional and life goals. We are on a mission to teach the world to cloud.


Keep being awesome Cloud Gurus,

Ryan Kroonenburg

A Cloud Guru is a proud member of the inclusive and diverse AWS community, and official sponsor of Women Who Code 


Kesha Williams

Technology is ever-changing and advances on an almost daily basis. I'm excited to be at the forefront of where emerging technologies like Machine Learning and Computer Vision/Facial Recognition are headed.


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ToAnh Tran

WWC has been instrumental in helping me provide more resources to help the military community. We are working on creating supportive tribes, so that they don't get lost learning in big groups.


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Christina Zhu

I think the biggest misconception that people have about learning how to code is that it’s extremely difficult - it simply isn’t true! Nowadays it is easier than ever to learn... there are so many resources online to help newbies get started.


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